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Are you thinking of hiring a trusted property management company in Hendersonville, NC? If yes, then turn to the team of experts at House in Order Property Management!

House in Order Property Management has been providing property owners with essential, full service property management services since its inception in 2011. We manage single-family homes and multi-family units and help alleviate stress by taking on vital property maintenance, marketing, rent collection, and duties of screening tenants.

With a lighter load, Hendersonville, NC property investors can focus more on maximizing property investment pursuits and treating the rental business as a passive income.

For over a decade, Hendersonville, NC property owners have trusted our property management company to maximize their ROI, run their rental business operations smoothly, and apply our skills to differentiate their rentals from their competitors.

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Your Hendersonville rental property and tenants will be treated with respect by our qualified property managers. With our top-tier Hendersonville property management services, we’ll find the best renters, run extensive tenant screenings, collect the rent on time and keep your unit in top shape.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, House in Order Property Management is the firm property owners can turn to.

Engaging House in Order Property Management’s Hendersonville property management services translates to shorter vacancy periods for your rental property. We also handle all maintenance issues and provide 24/7 on-call assistance.

What’s more, rent collection is a breeze under our management as we create convenient payment channels. Furthermore, we keep all your financial documents and bookkeeping in order.

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Contact us today at (828)-484-1571. You can also send your inquiries to info@houseinorderpm.com for more information. Our team of property managers look forward to speaking with you!

Our Hendersonville Property Management Services

For your Hendersonville rental property, you can expect excellent Hendersonville property management services that include marketing, property maintenance, screening tenants, financial reporting, and rent collection. Here are some of the property management services we offer landlords:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

A vacant Hendersonville rental property requires dipping into your finances to cover costs like marketing, maintenance, and property taxes. This is because without a tenant you aren’t able to collect rental income to cover these expenses.

Our team helps in attracting qualified tenants to deliver a steady monthly income to property investors. Under our care, we supervise empty rentals and keep them safe from trespassers by prioritizing finding occupants in a shorter time frame.

Our advertising methods focus on effective results and racking up high views. As your Hendersonville property manager we post online ads, spread the word to our local network, and make use of more traditional marketing methods like placing “for rent” signs. We’re dedicated to landing the best tenant in a quicker time to avoid spending on out-of-pocket maintenance costs.

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Tenant Screening Process

With a well-designed screening process, your Hendersonville rental properties are protected from problem tenants who cause damage, bring disturbance, and fail to pay the rent on the due date. Our company has a detailed screening service that property owners can benefit from.

Your property manager will carefully evaluate all tenants' rental history, employment records, income, credit score, and eviction history. Bank statements and criminal records are also checked. We filter through all applicants to ensure that the right one is placed in our clients Hendersonville, NC rental. Our long-term experience in the industry makes us effective in conducting this service.

Rent Collection

There are several stressors associated with running your Hendersonville rental home, and one of them is dealing with a renter that fails to pay on time. Our Management is proactive when it comes to collecting rental payments on time, and we send the proper notices and make sure that the tenants pay every month as covered by the leasing agreement.

Our property management company will ensure that all rent collections are carried our promptly to protect your rental business.

Property Repairs

Maintaining your Hendersonville, NC investment property can require a lot of time and effort. You need to perform routine property inspections, schedule repairs, and deal with daily maintenance tasks. Our professional team is always available, and our prompt response leads to more savings for our clients as the damage is contained and resolved right away.

Property maintenance requests

We have a well-vetted network of vendors that do excellent repair work. They provide a safe and habitable property for your tenants. Maintaining a rental unit ultimately converts your tenants into long-term ones and our team is readily available to respond fast to any requests they make.

Financial Reporting

Paperwork can be a source of stress when you already have several other responsibilities to keep track of. As part of our full-service property management solutions, our team at House in Order Property Management guarantees that your Hendersonville’s financial reports, such as income statements and invoices are organized and easily accessible via the online portal.

This allows our clients to always be informed of their rental property’s performance.

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About Hendersonville, North Carolina

Hendersonville is the county seat of Henderson County in North Carolina. Its name was taken from a North Carolina Judge, Leonard Henderson. It’s known as “The City of Four Seasons” with a well-maintained Main Street situated in the heart of Henderson County.

Residents enjoy living in Hendersonville, North Carolina for its mild climate and proximity to major cities. Families with kids find that the schools around this area perform at an above-average level.

In terms of activities, retirees and outdoor enthusiasts can easily enjoy the impressive golf courses and many scenic parks dotting the neighborhoods. With nearby mountains, skiing and snowboarding are also activities one can engage in during the winter. Here are interesting places to see in and around Hendersonville, North Carolina:

  • Hands-On! Children’s Museum
  • Mineral & Lapidary Museum
  • Henderson County Heritage Museum
  • Western North Carolina Air Museum
  • Apple Valley Model Railroad Club
  • Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
    (Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

In addition to Hendersonville and Mills River property management, we are proud to offer property management services in Swannanoa, Asheville, Black Mountain, Arden, Fletcher, Candler, Weaverville, Haywood County, Henderson County, Flat Rock, Fairview, Buncombe County, Waynesville, Pitt County, Greensville, Spartanburg, and South Carolina.

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