Are you in search of a property management company in North Carolina who knows how to help you succeed?

If so, look no further! House in Order Property Management is here for you!

Founded in 2011, our company has over 10 years of experience and our owner and property manager have over 30 years of combined experience in helping property owners reach their goals. We manage single-family and multi-family homes.

Based in Western North Carolina, we currently operate in the areas of Asheville, Hendersonville, Arden, Fletcher, Black Mountain, Candler, Swannanoa, Weaverville, Flat Rock, Fairview, Mills River, Waynesville, Haywood County, Pitt County, Buncombe County, and Henderson County. We now also manage in Spartanburg, SC!

We know just how difficult it can be to own a rental property. From collecting rent to maintenance, there always seems to be something to attend to! This can seem overwhelming and stressful. That's where we come in!

We want to handle all of your tasks, so you don't have to. It is our mission to help you maximize your income and minimize your workload.


5 Reasons to Choose House in Order Property Management:

1. You will avoid vacancies in your rental properties.

Having a rental property sit vacant for too long is never ideal. We know how much of a hassle it can be! A vacant rental home generates no income, however as a property owner, there are still many costs that you are responsible for.

That's why our goal is to find a tenant for your property as quickly as possible!

We use thorough and effective marketing techniques to find a new tenant for your property as quickly as possible.

We take care of everything, from taking high-quality photos of your property to posting ads on many different listing websites. We will ensure that your rental home is seen by as many prospective tenants as possible!


2. You will no longer have to deal with problem tenants.

No property owner wants to deal with tenants who are irresponsible. Problem tenants can result in late or missed rental payments, cause damage to your property, and many more unfortunate consequences.

Here at House in Order Property Management, we like to avoid these issues altogether with our effective tenant screening process.

When screening potential future tenants, we are as thorough as possible. We check their bank statements, criminal records, rental history, and more.

Our mission is to consistently find high-quality, long-term tenants to occupy your rental properties. Once we have chosen a responsible tenant for you, we are dedicated to maintaining a positive relationship with them.

We are on call 24/7 for whatever they may need so you won't have to!

3. You don't have to waste your time and energy chasing after rent.

Have you ever had to chase after your rental payments? It can be exhausting! When you work with House in Order Property Management, knocking on doors for rent will be a thing of the past!

Our company is very strict with rental payments. We are dedicated to making sure you get every payment that is owed to you on time and in full!

Due to our thorough tenant screening, our company can find you excellent, high-quality tenants who have a responsible reputation.

When choosing a tenant for your property, we make a point to check all financial and employment backgrounds. This gives us an idea of whether a prospective tenant will be able to make steady and consistent payments.

As an additional preemptive measure, we ensure that every lease agreement has clearly outlined all rental payment related conditions, so every tenant understands what is expected of them.

Further, we provide all of your tenants with an online portal, allowing them to make their payments online. We have an amazing rental payment portal to make payments easy and fast for the tenant. No more, "It is in the mail." This makes collecting your rent as simple as possible!


4. You'll no longer worry about maintenance on your properties.

While it's always crucial to keep your properties in top shape, we know it can be time consuming and costly. Additionally, if small problems in your rental home are left for too long, they have the potential to turn into larger, more expensive issues down the road.

We want to help you avoid that!

House in Order Property Management is dedicated to maintaining a level of excellence with your rental properties. We are on call 24/7 and are always ready to help if you or your tenants are ever in need.

We want to respond quickly and efficiently to any maintenance requests made by your renters, building a strong rapport with them. After all, we know that the more your tenants feel heard and taken care of, the more likely they are to stay long-term.

No problem is too big or too small for us! We will handle it all.

5. You will avoid having to handle stressful paperwork.

Are you tired of spending hours organizing paperwork? At House in Order Property Management, we know first-hand how much paperwork and bookkeeping is involved in owning a rental property. This can be overwhelming, time consuming and exhausting!

Luckily, we are dedicated to making your bookkeeping as simple and easy as possible!

When you hire us, you will receive access to our password protected online portal. Through this system, you will be able to see all of your records. From income reports to expenses, all your important documents and financial records will be organized and accessible to you at any time!


About House in Order Property Management

For over 10 years, House in Order Property Management has been helping property owners in North Carolina thrive. With our extensive experience and expertise, you can be sure that your income will be maximized, all while lowering your workload!

We want you to be able to rest, knowing that your rental properties are being well taken care of by a team of professionals. With our team on call 24/7, you and your tenants will never be overlooked!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you're looking to lower your workload and maximize your income, call House in Order Property Management today!