Are you looking to buy an investment property? There are many reasons that Asheville, North Carolina an excellent option for investors!

Today’s real estate investors are looking for a neighborhood that offers vibrant city life with a touch of nature to provide prospective tenants with a wealth of options. In the state of North Carolina, the embodiment of such a lifestyle can be found in Asheville, nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Locally referred to as “the Land of the Sky”, Asheville is known for its endless and breathtaking views. It receives a continuous stream of visitors thanks to its mild climate, fine dining establishments, and wide range of outdoor activities.

Interested in investing in Asheville? The professional team from House in Order Property Management offers our view on why Asheville is the ideal neighborhood for you. Keep reading to find out why you should invest in the area!

Community Feel

As a property investor, you would wish for your potential renter to easily acclimate to the community and feel at home. The region is known for its hospitality. You shouldn’t be surprised if your tenant wants to extend their lease at the end of the lease agreement.

Reasonable Weather

While the area enjoys all four seasons, residents can attest that the weather is generally mild throughout the year. During the summer months of June and July, the temperatures climb up to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and during the winter, you can expect about ten inches or less of snow.

person in white tank top running in a park on a sunny day

The mild weather allows residents to take full advantage of the various recreational activities in the area all year round. Because of this, visitors are a constant sight in Asheville thanks to the reasonable weather. This allows investors to target long-term and short-term rental markets.

Outdoor Recreational Activities

There are a number of outdoor activities for one to enjoy in Asheville. And thanks to the weather, you can choose any time of the year to explore the breathtaking natural spaces in the area. Not every mountain town in the area can boast of that.

One of the recommended options has to be the Blue Ridge Parkway which plays host to two established parks, the Mount Mitchell State Park and the Pisgah National Forest. Locals and visitors can hike for miles and miles. Should you want to explore more, you can rent a mountain bike. For the more adventurous type, there are areas for you to camp overnight.

During the summer, the locals and the visitors also make their way to Lake Powhatan. It’s the perfect place to make memories with your families and loved ones.

Art and Culture

For those whose idea of fun and recreation is enjoying a day in an indoor space with some work of art or music, Asheville has plenty of options available as well.

small, local art gallery with art hanging on walls and displayed on tabled

Asheville has quite a vibrant art scene. One can visit any of the dozens of museums in the city, chief of which is the Asheville Art Museum. For a more intimate admiration of the local art, make your way to the River Arts District.

For music enthusiasts, a popular venue for music is Orange Peel. The venue hosts dozens of local artists on a weekly basis. Another great venue to enjoy some music is Pritchard Park, which is open from April to October.

Dining Options

Asheville receives thousands of visitors every year. To ensure that both they and locals are well-catered all year long, the city has a wide range of dining options. From Italian restaurants and French cuisines to contemporary American fast food, the dining options in Asheville have something to satisfy every palate.

What better way to cap off some good food than a visit to some of the best breweries in Asheville? The wider Asheville area has over two dozen breweries to enjoy. Locals can attest to the quality of the brews in Burial Beer Co., Asheville Brewing Col, and Lookout Brewery.

Opportunity for Short-Term Renting

Asheville receives millions of visitors a year. Property investors can choose to add short-term rentals to their more traditional long-term leasing options. More and more visitors are looking for comfortable alternatives to hotels when visiting a new place.

open packed suitcase with a passport and camera sitting on top of the close

With the right property marketing, you can use various short-term rental apps in the market such as Airbnb,, or Expedia to reach prospective short-term renters. When investing in short-term rentals make sure to select the right neighborhood. For instance, you want one close to local tourist attractions and dining options.

Biltmore Estate

You must have heard of Biltmore Estate. It’s an iconic estate that covers 8,000 acres of land thriving with all kinds of plant life. This green masterpiece also takes pride in the variety of restaurants and a world-class winery on its grounds.

The estate/ garden receives thousands of visitors looking to not only roam the space but also enjoy a glass of wine and a plate of nice food. During the summer, the Biltmore Estate also hosts a number of concerts on its terrace.


With its mild weather, blend of urban-rural lifestyle, and outdoor recreational options, Asheville is one of the best places to invest in North Carolina. If you are ready to invest in the area, you are going to need an experienced property management professional with years of practical local knowledge to guide your real estate journey.

House in Order Property Management is a trusted service provider in the area with years of experience in the Asheville real estate market. With us as your property managers, you can gain peace of mind. You can save time and avoid all the stress that comes with dealing with property investment and management.

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