Are you contemplating whether to rent out your property furnished or unfurnished? It's a decision that many landlords consider, and it can be challenging. In this guide, we'll explore the pros and cons of renting your house furnished to help you make an informed choice.

Furnished rentals can attract a broader tenant pool, offer the potential for higher income, and provide move-in convenience. However, they come with higher initial costs, ongoing maintenance, and the challenge of wear and tear. Understanding these aspects is crucial.

Whether you're aiming for convenience or seeking higher rental income, this blog post will empower you to make the right decision for your situation when considering renting your property.

Who Are the Renters of Furnished Apartments and Why?

Furnished apartments appeal to a diverse range of renters for various reasons. Let's delve into who rents furnished apartments and why:

Corporate Professionals and Business Travelers

Corporate professionals and business travelers often seek furnished apartments. They appreciate the convenience of a fully equipped space that feels like home, especially during extended stays.

Furnished apartments offer a comfortable living environment, often close to business centers, making them an ideal choice for those on work assignments.

Relocating Individuals and Families

People who are in the process of relocating, whether for a new job, family reasons, or other life changes, often turn to furnished apartments.

These temporary living arrangements provide stability and comfort during the transition period, allowing individuals and families to settle into their new surroundings without the immediate need to purchase furniture.

International Students

International students studying abroad often opt for furnished apartments. These students typically have limited time and resources to furnish an entire apartment.

This makes the fully furnished option an attractive and hassle-free choice. Furnished apartments also help students adapt more quickly to their new environment.

Short-Term Renters

Furnished apartments are favored by short-term renters who may only need housing for a few months. This includes people undergoing medical treatments, visiting for internships, or taking a sabbatical.

The flexibility of furnished rentals eliminates the need to commit to a long-term lease and the burden of acquiring and moving furniture for a short stay.

Retirees and Snowbirds

Retirees and snowbirds, individuals who migrate to warmer climates during the winter months, often opt for furnished apartments.

These renters appreciate the freedom to enjoy seasonal or part-time living without the responsibility of maintaining a second home. Furnished rentals offer a solution for these individuals.

Remote Workers

Digital nomads who work remotely and often travel while doing so are increasingly choosing furnished apartments.

They value the flexibility of furnished rentals, allowing them to live comfortably in different locations without the burden of furnishing and moving their belongings each time they relocate.

Convenience and Simplified Living

Lastly, many renters, regardless of their specific circumstances, choose furnished apartments for their sheer convenience and simplicity.

These apartments eliminate the stress and expense of furniture shopping and moving, allowing tenants to focus on other aspects of their lives.

Pros of Renting Your House Furnished

Higher Rental Income

One of the most appealing advantages of renting a furnished house is the potential for higher rental income.

Furnished properties generally command higher monthly rents than their unfurnished counterparts. Why? Because tenants are willing to pay a premium for the convenience of moving into a fully equipped home without the hassle of buying and moving furniture.

Attracting a Broader Tenant Pool

Furnished rentals appeal to a broader range of tenants. By offering a furnished option, you open your property to a more diverse pool of potential tenants, increasing your chances of finding the right fit sooner.

Reduced Tenant Turnover

Furnished rentals often experience lower tenant turnover rates. Tenants who move into furnished homes are less likely to uproot their lives frequently.

They appreciate the convenience and stability of a fully furnished living space, which can lead to more extended lease agreements and reduced vacancy periods.

Shorter Vacancy Periods

Vacant properties can drain your finances, but furnishing your rental can help shorten vacancy periods. Furnished homes are often more attractive to tenants and can be marketed as move-in ready, allowing you to fill vacancies faster.

Tax Benefits

Depending on your location and tax laws, you may be eligible for certain tax benefits when renting your property. Consult a tax professional to explore potential deductions or credits to help offset the costs of furnishing your rental.

Cons of Renting Your House Furnished

Initial Cost and Maintenance

Furnishing a rental property can be a significant upfront expense. You'll need to purchase furniture, appliances, and other necessary items, and you'll also be responsible for maintaining and replacing these items as they wear out or break.

Higher Wear and Tear

Furnished rentals typically experience more wear and tear compared to unfurnished ones. Tenants may not treat the furniture and appliances as carefully as they would their own, leading to increased maintenance and replacement costs.

Limited Personalization

When you furnish your rental, you limit tenants' ability to personalize the space entirely.

Some tenants may be hesitant to rent a furnished property because they prefer to decorate and arrange the space to their liking.

Potential for Damage

When renting a furnished property, there's always a risk of damage to your furniture and belongings. While security deposits can help mitigate this risk, they may not cover the full cost of repairs or replacements in case of significant damage.

Ongoing Expenses

Furnished rentals come with ongoing expenses that unfurnished properties do not. You'll need to account for the cost of maintaining and replacing furniture and the time and effort required for regular inspections and cleaning.


So, should you rent your house furnished? It depends on your circumstances. Furnished rentals offer higher income and a broader tenant pool but come with upfront costs and maintenance. Consider your finances and target tenants.

Consulting the experts at a property management company like House In Order Property Management can help you make informed choices that align with your goals.